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Appendix 1. New theropod dinosaur teeth from the Middle Jurassic of the Isle of Skye, Scotland

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posted on 2019-03-29, 10:24 authored by Chloe M.E. Young, Christophe Hendrickx, Thomas J. Challands, Davide Foffa, Dugald A. Ross, Ian B. Butler, Stephen L. Brusatte
Appendix 1: dentition-based character list (Appendix 1.1), datasets for the phylogenetic (Appendix 1.2) and discriminant analyses (Appendix 1.3), results of the discriminant analysis (Appendix 1.4), credits of the theropod silhouettes (Appendix 1.5), and acknowledgements by Christophe Hendrickx to curators (Appendix 1.6).