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Deposit temperature of pyroclastic density currents emplaced during the El Chichón 1982 and Colima 1913 eruptions

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posted on 2016-06-21, 11:31 authored by Roberto Sulpizio, Elena Zanella, José Luis Macías, Ricardo Saucedo

New data on the pyroclastic density current (PDC) deposit temperature (Tdep) are provided for two prominent eruptions of Mexican volcanoes of the twentieth century: the 1982 eruption of El Chichón and the 1913 eruption of Colima. In spite of similar lithofacies, magma composition and pre-eruptive conditions, the Tdep of the PDCs from the 1982 (El Chichón) and 1913 (Colima) eruptions differ significantly, with intervals of Tdep of 360–420 °C and 250–330 °C, respectively. These new data emphasize that a full understanding of the physical mechanisms responsible for equilibrium temperature attainment within a pyroclastic deposit has not yet been realized. The Tdep measured for El Chichón PDC deposits confirm the preliminary data published elsewhere, while Colima magnetic temperatures provide different values to those published previously.