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Chapter 8: Sequence stratigraphy: using changes in relative sea-level and sediment supply to divide, correlate and understand the stratigraphical record

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 Chapter 8 of Deciphering Earth’s History: the Practice of Stratigraphy takes a pragmatic step-by step approach to show how the sequence stratigraphy model can be applied to the full range of sedimentary strata. The chapter demonstrates how this holistic technique can be used to gain valuable insights for stratigraphical correlation, predict facies distributions, establish changes in relative sea-level and help detect hiatuses and changes in sedimentation rate and hence assist in deciphering the chronostratigraphy of successions. There is emphasis on real-world challenges and how the sequence stratigraphy framework complements and provides possible frameworks for other stratigraphical techniques. The online data include useful tables and figures from the chapter and other resources. 

 Other online items associated with the book Deciphering Earth’s History: the Practice of Stratigraphy can be found at 


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