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Movie B-4. Extension experiment

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posted on 2019-12-18, 14:23 authored by G. Schreurs, R. Hänni, M. Panien, P. Vock
Movie showing successive horizontal sections through a 3D view of part of the model after 4 cm of extension. The area covered by X-ray CT analysis is shown in Figure 7 (see accompanying paper). The location and orientation of the extensional transfer zone is determined by the lateral termination of the interbedded viscous layer. Each of the 21 movie frames is a perspective 3D cut-out view that was constructed from a 3D volume consisting of 80 serial cross-sections. The discontinuity near the NW side of each block results from missing cross-sections. Longest dimension of view is 26.5 cm. Viscous PDMS = red, quartz sand = yellow-orange, corundum sand = yellow.