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Movie A-5. Shortening experiment

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posted on 2019-12-18, 14:23 authored by G. Schreurs, R. Hänni, M. Panien, P. Vock
Movie showing a series of cut-out 3D views after 7 cm of shortening. The area covered by X-ray CT analysis is shown in Figure 5 (see accompanying paper). The successive views reveal the curvature of the thrust front and illustrate how back thrusts die out along strike as they approach the transfer zone. Each of the 31 movie frames is a perspective three-dimensional cut-out view that was constructed from a 3D volume consisting of 88 serial cross-sections. Longest dimension of view is 20 cm. Viscous PDMS = reddish grey, quartz sand = orange, corundum sand = dark yellow.