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Movie 21: 3D visualization of sandstone intrusions in the Lower Eocene of the Outer Moray Firth

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posted on 2020-01-10, 15:25 authored by M. Huuse, J.A. Cartwright, R. Gras, A. Hurst
0–2 s: title slide and location. 3–34s: view to the north, panning through cross lines to show isolated conical anomalies in the lower Eocene and upper Eocene Chestnut reservoir, pausing at calibration well (22/2a-5). 35–45s: ridge-trough topography at Top Balder shown by TWT-structure map and time slices. 46 s–1 min 10s: plan view of isolated amplitude anomalies in the lower Eocene shown by panning through time slices. 1 min 10 s–1 min 20 s: plan view of the Chestnut reservoir shown by panning through time slices. 1 min 20 s–1 min 42 s: voxel growing the Chestnut reservoir represented by the blue trough (positive PS impedance contrast) marking the top of the sandstone. 1 min 42 s–2 min 3 s: rotation of the scene highlighting the irregular reservoir geometry and lateral isolation. 2 min 4s–2 min 12 s: opacity cube showing the intricate geometry of the lower Eocene amplitude anomalies represented by the yellow-orange peak (negative impedance contrast) marking the base of the sandstone. The base is chosen to facilitate the simultaneous display of both upper (blue) and lower (orange) Eocene sandstones. 2 min 13 s–3 min 27s: voxel growing and visualization of a subset of the lower Eocene anomalies beneath the Chestnut reservoir. Note intricate and steeply inclined geometries characteristic of sandstone intrusions. 3 min 28 s–4 min 4 s: voxel growing and visualization of an isolated conical intrusion to the SE of the Chestnut area. Intrusions that terminate blindly (like this one) may be potential reservoirs. Note relation between intrusion apices and ridges on the Top Balder surface. 4 min 5 s–4 min 14 s: examples of conical intrusions from the Outer Moray Firth (this paper), the South Viking Graben (Huuse et al. 2004), the Tampen Spur (North Viking Graben) (Huuse & Mickelson 2004) and the Faroe–Shetland Basin (Huuse et al. 2001). 4 min 14 s–4 min 15 s: Conclusions – migration paths, reservoirs and potential drilling hazards.