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Movie 20: B26 well located above Base Cretaceous graben

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posted on 2020-01-10, 15:17 authored by J. Colleran, S. Loutit, K. Kaiser, W.G. Hakes, W.R. Sumner, S. Archer, D. Criddle
1–10 s: elevated view looking North over B26 area. The surface is top Zone 45 Sandstone two-way time (TWT). B26 well in purple, exploration and appraisal wells in green, production wells in red. 11–15 s: turn off all wells except B26. 16–30 s: turn on seismic probe, rotate and zoom. An increase in acoustic impedance is shown by a blue peak. 31–40 s: trim top Zone 45 Sandstone surface back to probe , revealing Base Cretaceous Unconformity (BCU) TWT surface underneath. This has been shifted down in time to show the seismic character of the pick. Zoom in. 41–68 s: drag seismic probe forwards and backwards along B26 well path. Note decrease in BCU pick quality in graben area. 69–81 s: rotate and zoom out to elevated view North over BCU surface. Note graben at BCU level with B26 well drilled through reservoir above it.