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Movie 19: B25z flexible well planning and execution

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posted on 2020-01-10, 15:17 authored by J. Colleran, S. Loutit, K. Kaiser, W.G. Hakes, W.R. Sumner, S. Archer, D. Criddle
wellpath in blue, other wells in red. 8–23 s: rotate view and turn on probe with seismic (blacks are peaks marking an increase in acoustic impedance). Zoom in and view probe and surface looking northwards. 24–33 s: trim back top Zone 45 Sandstone surface to probe to reveal underlying near top Zone 20 Sandstone surface. Note horizontal section of B25z. 34–57 s: move seismic probe forward and back over well. Top Zone 45 Sandstone horizon visible in grey on seismic probe. Note graben feature. 58–67 s: turn on red and blue graben bounding faults. Rotate to see original B25z well path intersecting the graben. 68–85 s: move seismic probe forward and back over well area. 86–94 s: rotate view anticlockwise so looking towards North. 95–113 s: turn on alternate sidetracks, rotate and zoom in. 114–132 s: turn off all well paths except final B25z drilled well. This drops short of graben. Zoom and rotate anticlockwise so looking Northwest along horizontal well path.