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Movie 18: Structure of the Base Cretaceous Unconformity surface in the Britannia area

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posted on 10.01.2020 by J. Colleran, S. Loutit, K. Kaiser, W.G. Hakes, W.R. Sumner, S. Archer, D. Criddle
6–15 s: rotate surface until looking Northwest along Witch Ground Graben, with Fladen Ground Spur to the right. 16–24 s: zoom in on Britannia Field area. 25–32 s: rotate until looking Northwest over Britannia area. Note Axial High and Fladen Ground Spur. 33–41 s: change to high-resolution display. Note high level of detail of faulting. 42–53 s: rotate and zoom out at high resolution. 54–65 s: change back to low-resolution display, rotate back to inclined view towards North and zoom to Britannia Field area. 66–75 s: switch on field outline in purple and production wells in black. 76–89 s: rotate around field so viewing from East then Northeast. 90–113 s: rotate back to inclined view towards North then zoom out to end.