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40Ar/39Ar eruption ages of Turkana Basin tuffs: millennial scale resolution constrains paleoclimate proxy tuning models and hominin fossil ages

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posted on 2023-04-17, 14:02 authored by David Phillips, Erin Matchan, Andy Gleadow, Frank Brown, Ian McDougall, Thure Cerling, Meave Leakey, Janet Hergt, Louise Leakey
Fig. S4 Example argon isotope inverse isochron plots for Chari/Tuff L samples. Data arrays for each sample occupy wedge-shaped areas and are plotted relative to a mixing line between the atmospheric argon composition and estimated eruption ages. Most data-points plot below, or within uncertainty of, the mixing line. In most cases Ca/K ratios (displayed as shaded spheres) correlate with distance from the mixing line.