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40Ar/39Ar eruption ages of Turkana Basin tuffs: millennial scale resolution constrains paleoclimate proxy tuning models and hominin fossil ages

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posted on 2023-04-17, 14:02 authored by David Phillips, Erin Matchan, Andy Gleadow, Frank Brown, Ian McDougall, Thure Cerling, Meave Leakey, Janet Hergt, Louise Leakey
Fig. S1 Worked Bayesian estimation example, generated using the Julia version of BayeZirChron and the interactive Jupyter notebook of Keller et al. (2018) ( Single feldspar 40>Ar*#x002F;39Ar data for KBS sample F102-P1 modelled using an exponential distribution, yielding a Bayesian40>Ar*#x002F;39Ar estimate of 0.9505 ± 0.005, which equates to an age of 1880.1 ± 1.2 Ma (including the uncertainty in the J-value) (see Table 1; Table S5).