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Xenotime reveals Caledonian hydrothermal overprint on Neoproterozoic Cu mineralization, East Greenland

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posted on 2023-06-01, 14:48 authored by Hugo K. H. Olierook, Kelsey Crook, Penelope Sinclair, Denis Fougerouse, Cilva Joseph, Christopher L. Kirkland, Allen Kennedy, Hao Gao, Noreen J. Evans, Bradley J. McDonald, Raiza R. Quintero, Anusha Shantha Kumara, Graeme Cameron, Ben Walsh, Meghan Ritchie, Malcolm P. Roberts, Brent I. A. McInnes
Supplementary Figure C: Mount map of 2022-IGO1, showing locations of xenotime with respect to ore mineralogy (including chalcocite). Note that not all xenotime was analyzed; the numbering system was initially chosen on low-resolution BSE images obtained with the TIMA, but high-resolution images revealed that many xenotime grains were below the analytical resolution. Two depth slices of 2022-IGO1 are shown, with the original depth also corresponding to the automated mineral analysis maps of the individual polished blocks in Supplementary Fig. A.