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Table S2. Nd isotope record of ocean closure archived in limestones of the Devonian–Carboniferous carbonate platform, Greater Karatau, southern Kazakhstan

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posted on 2020-09-02, 10:22 authored by Z. Belka, J. Dopieralska, M. Jakubowicz, S. Skompski, A. Walczak, D. Korn, M. Siepak
Table S2. Sm–Nd isotope data of the Devonian and Carboniferous carbonates of the Greater Karatau Mountains, with information on investigated successions, lithological fraction, stratigraphy and geographic position. The εNd(t) values were calculated for average sedimentation ages, i.e. t = 362 Ma for the Famennian, t = 352 Ma for the Tournaisian, t = 338 Ma for the Visean, t = 326 Ma for the Serpukhovian, and t = 322 Ma for the Bashkirian samples.