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Supplementary material 5. A revised age-model for the Eocene deep-marine siliciclastic systems, Aínsa Basin, Spanish Pyrenees

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posted on 2020-08-05, 11:10 authored by Blanca Cantalejo, Kevin T. Pickering, Conall McNiocaill, Paul Bown, Kyrre Johansen, Melissa Grant
Supplementary material 5. Multiple stacked MTDs around the village of Castellazo (A), and in the Rio Sieste (Morillo System) (B), cited by Clark et al. (2017) as key locations for correlating the so-called megaturbidite "MT–4" (MTD or MTDs following the terminology in Pickering and Hiscott, 2016) from the Jaca to Aínsa basins.