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Supplementary material 4: Alternative models. A revised age-model for the Eocene deep-marine siliciclastic systems, Aínsa Basin, Spanish Pyrenees

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posted on 2020-08-05, 11:10 authored by Blanca Cantalejo, Kevin T. Pickering, Conall McNiocaill, Paul Bown, Kyrre Johansen, Melissa Grant
Supplementary material 4. Alternative age-model scenario, with shift of the identified magnetic reversals to a younger part of the stratigraphy. The R1–N1; N1–R2 and R2–N2 reversals become the C20r/C20n, C20n/C19r and C19r–C19n, respectively. This produces a significant time offset with our key nannofossils markers and is, therefore, problematic.