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Supp Fig 1. Unravelling the Neoproterozoic Accretionary History of Oman, Using an Array of Isotopic Systems in Zircon.

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posted on 2019-09-30, 08:44 authored by M.L. Blades, B.L Alessio, A.S. Collins, J. Foden, J.L. Payne, S. Glorie, P. Holden, B. Thorpe, S. Al-Khirbash
Fig. 1: Weighted average plots (>90% concordant) of zircon ages from all igneous basement samples in Oman. Black bars are 206Pb/238U ages with 2σ errors. Grey bars (corresponding to either 207Pb/206Pb, dark grey or 206Pb/238U (light grey)) weighted averages ages 2σ errors. Where there are multiple populations interpreted these are shown by a second weighted average age and mean, however only the crystallisation age is quoted in the figure. These plots are used to highlight any trends in the data.