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Sup 3: Delineating the structural controls on the genesis of iron oxide–Cu–Au deposits genesis through implicit modelling: a case study from the E1 Group, Cloncurry District, Australia

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posted on 2017-03-30, 10:57 authored by G. Case, T. Blenkinsop, Z. Chang, J.M. Huizenga, R. Lilly, J. McLellan
Appendix Sup 1: Probability plots of assay data for modelled elements. Plots made in ioGAS software. Power transform applied to y-axes of all elements. Note that Fe, P and S do not follow normal/log-normal distributions. Appendix Sup 2: Summary statistics of assay data for modelled elements. A description of the rock type (lithology) codes used in the geological model are available in Sup 3. The 3D models presented in this paper are available as supplementary data online (Sup 4) and may be viewed in the free Leapfrog Viewer program, which can be downloaded from Leapfrog 3d website


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