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Rift propagation in south Tibet controlled by underthrusting of India: a case study at the Tangra Yumco graben (south Tibet)

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posted on 2023-01-03, 16:11 authored by Reinhard Wolff, Ralf Hetzel, Kyra Hölzer, István Dunkl, Qiang Xu, Aneta A. Anczkiewicz, Zhenyu Li
Figure S1. Results of the inversion procedure for 18 500 PECUBE models that were run to determine the onset of normal faulting and the fault slip rates at the northern Tangra Yumco rift. (a) Projection of all model results onto a plane defined by the free model parameters initial fault slip rate and the onset of normal faulting. Each dot corresponds to one model with color representing the model misfit. The star shows the best-fit model that suggests that normal faulting began at 13.9 ±0.8 Ma with a fault slip rate of 0.25 ±0.03 km/Myr. (b) Projection showing the fault slip rate after acceleration and time of acceleration (star represents the best-fit model). The results indicate a slip rate of 0.88 ±0.04 km/Myr after 2.6 ±0.4 Ma.