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Radionuclides in groundwater, rocks and stream sediments in Austria—results from a recent survey

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posted on 2017-05-16, 10:38 authored by Gerhard Schubert, Rudolf Berka, Christian Katzlberger, Klaus Motschka, Monika Denner, Johannes Grath, Rudolf Philippitsch
The explanatory notes `Erläuterungen zur Geologischen Themenkarte Radionuklide in Grundwässern, Gesteinen und Bachsedimenten Österreichs 1:500 000' (Berka et al. 2014b) documents the source of the measurements displayed on the map and give some interpretation. It should be pointed out that table 4.3 in these explanatory notes gives citations concerning the uranium mineralisations displayed in the map and table 4.7 concerning the uranium whole rock analyses shown in it.