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Geochemistry and Sr-Nd isotopic studies of Palaeoproterozoic (ca. 2.3 Ga) meta-lamprophyre from Rapuru area, Nellore Schist Belt, Southern India: implication for back-arc basin magmatism and its relevance to the Columbia Supercontinent assembly

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posted on 2021-09-01, 10:49 authored by Tushar Meshram, Satya Narayana Mahapatro, J. K. Aravind, M. L. Dora, Srinivasa Baswani, G Gopalakrishna, Rajkumar Meshram, V V Sesha Sai, Kirtikumar Randive, Jitendra Das
Supplementary material 2: Supplementary figure 8 b) Initial εNd(t) isotope vs. ΔNb variation diagram shows evidence of SCLM enriched by ancient subduction related sediments source for RL. c) fSm/Nd ns. εNd 2.3 Ga variation diagram shows decreasing trend for RL dykes. d) Initial εNd(t) isotope vs. time in Ma considering 2300 Ma calculated ages. e) 87Sr/86Sr isotope vs SiO2 variation diagram show poor correlation for RL dykes. f) 100/Nd vs. initial εNd(t) isotope shows poor correlation for RL dykes.