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Geochemical and radiogenic isotope records of the Weissert Event in south Tethyan sediments

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posted on 2022-12-06, 12:01 authored by M. Shmeit, C. Chauvel, F. Giraud, E. Jaillard, S. Reboulet, M. Masrour, J. E. Spangenberg, A. El-Samrani
Fig. S4. 206/204Pb(m)) v. 207/204Pb(m) plot (m: measured isotope ratios); dashed line in red corresponds to the trendline from both sections combined (y=0.0747x + 14.286, r2=0.5439, 1.06 Ga). The linear function for Zalidou samples is y=0.0777x + 14.229, r2=0.8673 (1.14 Ga) and for Hole 416A samples is y=0.0719x + 14.34, r2=0.4439 (990 Ma).