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Geochemical and radiogenic isotope records of the Weissert Event in south Tethyan sediments

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posted on 2022-12-06, 12:01 authored by M. Shmeit, C. Chauvel, F. Giraud, E. Jaillard, S. Reboulet, M. Masrour, J. E. Spangenberg, A. El-Samrani
Fig. S6. Comparing the initial isotope ratios (i; 135 Ma) of Pb and Sr in the studied successions (Zalidou and Hole 416A) with surrounding possible source areas having reported these isotopes (see also Supplementary Table). The possible sources are the central Sahara Bodélé Depression (Abouchami et al. 2013), Saharan metacraton (Küster et al. 2008) and modern Sahel desert dusts (Kumar et al. 2014).