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Figure S4. Deep- versus shallow-marine sandstone provenance in the mid-Carboniferous Clare Basin, western Ireland

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posted on 2021-06-01, 09:20 authored by Martin Nauton-Fourteu, Shane Tyrrell, David M. Chew, Foteini Drakou, Katharina Pfaff, Zane Jobe
Fig. S4: Apatite trace element Sr/Y vs LREE plots for: (a) all apatites; (b) Caledonian-; and (c) peri- Gondwanan- aged apatites plotted against a literature database as in O'Sullivan et al. (2020) and O'Sullivan et al. (2019). ALK, alkali-rich igneous rocks; HM, partial-melts/leucosomes/high-grade metamorphic; IM, mafic I-type granitoids and mafic igneous rocks; LM, low- and medium- grade metamorphic and metasomatic; S, S-type granitoids and high aluminium saturation index (ASI) ‘felsic’ I-types; UM: ultramafic rocks including carbonatites, lherzolites and pyroxenites.