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Figure S3:Syn-rift carbonate platforms in space and time: testing and refining conceptual models using stratigraphic and seismic numerical forward modelling

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posted on 2020-12-15, 12:58 authored by Isabella Masiero, Cathy Hollis, Pete Burgess, Lucy Manifold, Rob Gawthorpe, Jim Marshall, Isabella Lecomte, Atle Rotevatn
Results of Model run 3-4 showing a sliced 3D view of the models (a and d), a dip-oriented cross-section through each model (b and e), equivalent seismic images of the same cross-section (c and f). Note how the high rate of hangingwall basin subsidence limits the areal extent of shallow water carbonate production in Model run 3.


Tullow Oil, Woodside Petroleum and Wintershall