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Figure S2: The Buzzard Field, Blocks 19/5a, 19/10a, 20/1 and 20/6a, UK North Sea

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journal contribution
posted on 2020-09-17, 16:10 authored by E.E. Taylor, N.J. Webb, C.J. Stevenson, J.R. Henderson, A. Kovac, J.J. Millington, J.A. Rhodes
Surveillance logging showing saturation data within a production well between 2008 and 2013. The gamma-ray, nuclear and bulk volume logs on the left show three distinct sand units. The time-lapse logs on the right show these units are sweeping from the base upwards. At 8760 ft TVDSS a 10 ft thick sandstone unit remains unswept as the sandstones above and below water out. The core at this interval has been interpreted as a channel margin, isolated from the channels above and below. This zone was subsequently perforated and produced dry oil for 3 years.