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Figure S2: Syn-rift carbonate platforms in space and time: testing and refining conceptual models using stratigraphic and seismic numerical forward modelling

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posted on 2020-12-15, 12:58 authored by Isabella Masiero, Cathy Hollis, Pete Burgess, Lucy Manifold, Rob Gawthorpe, Jim Marshall, Isabella Lecomte, Atle Rotevatn
Results of Model run 1-2 showing a sliced 3D view of the models (a and d), a dip-oriented cross-section through each model (b and f), equivalent seismic images of the same cross-section (c and g) and (e), a single chronostratigraphic diagram of the cross-section from Model run 2, to show the development of unconformities caused by eustatic sea-level oscillations. Note how the backstepping stacking pattern characterizing the hangingwall margin of Model run 1 is retained in the overall stratigraphic sequences stacking pattern of Model run 2.


Tullow Oil, Woodside Petroleum and Wintershall