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Figure S1. U–Pb detrital zircon ages used to infer provenance and tectonic setting of Late Triassic–Miocene sandstones related to the Tethyan development of Cyprus

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posted on 2019-04-25, 15:20 authored by Guohui Chen, Alastair H.F. Robertson, Timur Ustaömer
Figure S1: Histograms show U–Pb analytical zircon data for analysed sandstones from Cyprus. Two main age populations (Ediacaran-Cryogenian, Tonian-Stenian; highlighted with dotted shading) are identified in the sandstones analysed (see text for discussion). Histograms of each sample analysed in this study are shown in Figs. 9–12. Peak ages for the Paleozoic and younger zircons are given as specific numbers besides the columns. Only grains with 90–110% concordance are included. n=number of grains analysed.