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Fig. S3: Petrology and Nd–Sr isotopic composition of alkaline lamprophyres from the Early to Late Cretaceous Mundwara alkaline complex, NW India: evidence of crystal fractionation, accumulation and corrosion in a complex magma chamber plumbing system

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posted on 2021-01-21, 17:31 authored by Abhinay Sharma, Samarendra Sahoo, N.V. Chalapathi Rao, B. Belyatsky, P. Dhote, B. Lehmann
Selected major oxide bivariate plots for the Mundwara lamprophyres and their comparison with other plutonic and volcanic rocks of the complex demonstrating a clear fractionation trend: (A) MgO (wt%) v. SiO2 (wt%), (B) MgO (wt%) v. Al2O3 (wt%), (C) MgO (wt%) v. Fe2O3 (wt%), (D) MgO (wt%) v. TiO2 (wt%), (E) MgO (wt%) v. CaO (wt%), (F) MgO (wt%) v. K2O (wt%), (G) MgO (wt%) v. Na2O (wt%) and (H) MgO (wt%) v. CaO/Al2O3. Data sources: essexite and gabbro (Pande et al. 2017) and mugearite and hawaite (Subrahmanyam and Leelanandam 1989)


Science and Engineering Research Board, grants SR/S4/ES-599/2011 and IR/S4/ESF-18/2011 to NVCR