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Fig. S2. Stable isotopes of Nonsulphide Zn–Pb ores in Britain and Ireland: fluid characteristics and paleoclimatic variability

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posted on 2019-07-17, 15:17 authored by Maria Boni, Hans Albert Gilg, Giuseppina Balassone, Nicola Mondillo, Florian Menschik, Mike Rumsey, Ulrich Struck
Fig. S2. SEM micrographs on polished sections of selected specimens from the mineral collections of the Natural History Museum (London, UK) and the authors' collected samples. (A), pyrite remnants and Fe-(hydr)oxides from Priddy, Mendip Hills (Somerset) (BM.1985,Lud5931); (B), smithsonite (with Ca) from the East Harptree mine, Mendip Hills (Somerset); (C), concretionary smithsonite replacing sphalerite from Alston (Cumbria) (BM.40181); (D), zoned Ca- and Cd- hosting) smithsonite from the Halkyn mine, Holywell Clwyd (Wales) (BM.69190); (E), smithsonite and cerussite replacing galena in the same sample from the Halkyn mine, (BM.69190); (F), zoned (Fe- and Mn-hosting) smithsonite from the Ross Island Mine, Killarney, Co. Kerry (Ireland) (BM.1964,R6302).