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Fig. S2. Nd isotope record of ocean closure archived in limestones of the Devonian–Carboniferous carbonate platform, Greater Karatau, southern Kazakhstan

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posted on 2020-09-02, 10:22 authored by Z. Belka, J. Dopieralska, M. Jakubowicz, S. Skompski, A. Walczak, D. Korn, M. Siepak
Fig. S2. (a) Fenestral micritic limestone with intercalations of algal laminites; Serpukhovian intertidal deposits, Ushozen section. (b) Fine-laminated stromatolite; Famennian intertidal deposits; Besharik section. (c) Typical flaser limestone; Tournaisian outer-ramp facies, Zhertansai section. (d) Massive skeletal mudstone-wackestone intercalated with layers of calcite cements (zebra fabric); Serpukhovian outer-ramp facies, Aktobe section. All scale bars = 10 cm.