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Fig. S1: Rapid changes from arid to humid conditions during the onset of the Paraná-Etendeka Igneous Provinces: can volcanic gas emissions from Continental Flood Basalts affect the precipitation regime?

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posted on 2021-07-09, 15:51 authored by V.G.P. Cruz, E.F. Lima, L.M.M. Rossetti, N.G. Pasqualon
Massive sandstones: (a) pāhoehoe moulds preserved on the upper surface of a massive sandstone (dashed red); (b) detail of the conformable contact between massive sandstones and the upper vesiculated crust of pāhoehoe flows (dashed white); (c) hand sample from a massive sandstone, notice the incipient lamination in the lower portion (white arrow) and abrupt change between a fine-grained portion and coarse-grained portion (dashed red); (d) mud intraclast (red arrow) preserved in a poorly sorted massive sandstones. Note the angularity and coarse granulometry of some grains. Parallel nichols.


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