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Fig. S1. Nd isotope record of ocean closure archived in limestones of the Devonian–Carboniferous carbonate platform, Greater Karatau, southern Kazakhstan

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posted on 2020-10-08, 13:46 authored by Z. Belka, J. Dopieralska, M. Jakubowicz, S. Skompski, A. Walczak, D. Korn, M. Siepak
Fig. S1. Field photographs showing the general appearance of successions of the Greater Karatau carbonate platform. (a) Outcrop of deep-water slope deposits along the Zhankurgan River, with numerous thick beds of carbonate turbidites. (b) Outcrop of shallow-water tidal deposits at Ushozen showing a pronounced cyclicity of subtidal and intertidal carbonates. (c) Outcrop of deep-water lower slope deposits along the Aktobe River with several thick complexes of carbonate debris-flows.