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Fig. S1: Monitoring volcano deformation at La Soufrière, St Vincent during the 2020–21 eruption with insights into its magma plumbing system architecture

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posted on 2023-03-20, 16:58 authored by Michal Camejo-Harry, Karen Pascal, Pablo Euillades, Raphaël Grandin, Ian Hamling, Leonardo Euillades, Rodrigo Contreras-Arratia, Graham A. Ryan, Joan L. Latchman, Lloyd Lynch, Minjeong Jo
Surface deformation in the 2018–21 time-interval from Sentinel-1 small-baseline analysis. Top: mean line-of-sight velocity from Sentinel-1 descending track 156. Positive velocity corresponds to motion towards the satellite. The image is in radar geometry, and has been flipped and rotated so as to align approximately with a geographical orientation. X- and Y-coordinates are the number of pixels in range and azimuth, respectively. Bottom: time-series of displacement for five selected pixels. Locations of the pixels are displayed with the same symbols on the upper panel. Orange dashed line shows the onset of the effusive phase (27 December 2020).


Royal Society grant NIF/R1/211276 to Michal Camejo-Harry