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Fig. S1: Marine bioturbation collapse during Early Jurassic deoxygenation: implications for post-extinction marine ecosystem functioning

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posted on 2023-01-05, 10:27 authored by Bryony A. Caswell, Liam Herringshaw
(A) Map of the UK. Inset box shows field sites in NE Yorkshire (with detail covered by B). (B) Map of the Cleveland Basin showing the Lower Jurassic outcrops, showing Peak Fault (PF; N–S oriented), the Vale of Pickering (VP) and Howardian–Flamborough (HF) Fault Belt (E–W-oriented; modified from Rawson and Wright 1995). Locations of the exposures from which the data were collected between Staithes and Ravenscar (black circles), are shown together with location from which core N1 was extracted near Woodsmith (star).