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Critical raw materials associated with the lateritic bauxite and red mud in West Kalimantan, Indonesia

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posted on 2023-06-09, 14:02 authored by Andy Yahya Al Hakim, Dedi Sunjaya, Arie Naftali Hawu Hede, Teti Indriati, Taufiq Hidayat
Supplementary Material A. (A) Mineralogical profile of the bauxite, ferrite, and tonalite in Tayan and Mempawah. (B) Ternary diagram of bauxite and their parent rocks. (C) Trace element ratios in bauxite; Supplementary Material B. Spearman’s correlation rank of bauxite and associated rocks from Tayan mine (n=35); Supplementary Material C. (A) XRD patterns of representative samples from the Tayan mine and Mempawah deposit, West Kalimantan. (B) Typical normal (left) and continuum (right) removed reflectance spectral curves of samples.