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Circum-Arctic Lithosphere Evolution (CALE) Transect C: displacement of the Arctic Alaska–Chukotka microplate towards the Pacific during opening of the Amerasia Basin of the Arctic

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posted on 2017-07-14, 08:39 authored by Elizabeth L. Miller, Kristian E. Meisling, Vyacheslav V. Akinin, Kelley Brumley, Bernard J. Coakley, Eric S. Gottlieb, Carl W. Hoiland, Timothy M. O'Brien, Anna Soboleva, Jaime Toro
Supplementary material Plate 1 comprises Plate 1 and its included figures. Plate 1 contains regional reflection-seismic-based cross sections and supporting material that collectively constitute CALE Transects C1 and C2. Plate 1 is referred to in the text as Sup. Pl. 1, Transects C1 and C2 as Plate 1A and 1B, and plate figures as fig. P1.1, fig. P1.2, etc.).