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Chapter 17: Examples of correlating, integrating and applying stratigraphy and stratigraphical methods

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posted on 2022-09-08, 08:34 authored by Matthew I. Wakefield, Mark W Hounslow, Rory N. Mortimore, Andrew J. Newell, Alastair Ruffell, Mark A. Woods

A word file (extension *.docx) that provides a table documenting open-source software with which to undertake quantitative stratigraphical correlation, documentation of files for Worked example 17.1 (Sequence Slotting of palynological data using CPLSlot) and online resource materials for sections 17.4 (Rock property modelling), 17.5 (Engineering geology) and 17.7 (Forensic stratigraphy) of the book Deciphering Earth’s History: the Practice of Stratigraphy 


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