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Archaeomagnetic knowledge of Neolithic in Bulgaria with emphasis on intensity changes

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posted on 2019-11-07, 12:56 authored by Maria Kostadinova-Avramova, Mary Kovacheva, Yavor Boyadzhiev, Gwenaël Hervé
Table S1. Summarized archaeomagnetic determinations of the studied collections. D – magnetic declination after sun compass correction; I – magnetic declination; Fa – archaeointensity value obtained with the corresponding standard deviation (σ) in a temperature interval Tmin – Tmax using NPI points; NRM fraction (f); gap factor (g); quality factor (q); maximum angle of deviation (MAD) are also given. In the sample name, the small letters indicate the specimens used for AI determination whereas each sample direction is calculated as an average of two or three specimen' directions after the corresponding cleaning (thermal or AF). Specimens treated in Rennes laboratory are marked in grey.