Refining the high-fidelity archaeointensity curve for Western Europe over the past millennium: Analysis of Tuscan architectural bricks (Italy)

Supplementary table 2: Intensity results obtained at the specimen level and mean values obtained at the fragment level. `Tmin-Tmax': Interval of temperature involved for the intensity computation. `Flab': Intensity of the laboratory field in µT. `NRM T1 (T1')' column: Percentage of magnetisation fraction with unblocking temperatures larger than T1 (or T1'). `Slope R': Slope of the straight line computed from the R'(Ti) data between Tmin and Tmax. `F Triaxe': Intensity values obtained at the specimen level in µT. `F Triaxe mean value per fragment ± σ F': Mean intensity value obtained at the fragment level with its standard error when computed from 2 values or its standard deviation when computed from 3 values. *: (n1/n2/n3) indicates successively the number of fragments collected, the number of fragments whose magnetization was strong enough relative to the Triaxe sensitivity and the number of fragments retained to estimate a mean value at the group level.