Radionuclides in groundwater, rocks and stream sediments in Austria—results from a recent survey

The map `Radionuklide in Grundwässern, Gesteinen und Bachsedimenten Österreichs 1:500 000' (Berka et al. 2014a) shows the uranium content of the underground (`Gesteinschemie' = whole rock analyses, `Bachsedimente' = stream sediments) as well as the groundwater's content of uranium-238, radium-226, lead-210, polonium-210 and radium-228 (`Grundwasserdaten'). The stream sediment analyses displayed on the map are the maximum values within a cell size of 7.5 km (like in fig. 18). Furthermore the map displays published uranium mineralisations (`Uran-Mineralisationen') in Austria. In the geological legend also frequency diagrams of the geological units' uranium concentrations in stream sediments are displayed.