On the resolution of regional archaeomagnetism: Untangling directional geomagnetic oscillations and data uncertainties using the French archaeomagnetic database for between 1000 and 1500 AD as a guide

2019-12-13T16:23:25Z (GMT) by Maxime Le Goff Yves Gallet
Fig. S2. Secular variation curves (in blue) obtained from 20 synthetic directional datasets randomly selected from the real British (England and Wales) archaeomagnetic database (Batt et al. 2017). All directions were transferred to the latitude of Paris. (a) Mean α95=3.2°, mean Δt=53 years, (b) Mean α95=3.2°, mean Δt=11 years, (c) Mean α95=1.0°, mean Δt=53 years, (d) Mean α95=1.0°, mean Δt=11 years. Same legends as in Fig. 7.