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The use of chemostratigraphy to refine ambiguous sequence stratigraphic correlations in marine mudrocks. An example from the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma, USA

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posted on 2016-03-02, 12:24 authored by B.W. Turner, J.A. Tréanton, R.M. Slatt
Online Supplemental Figure 4: The chemofacies profile for the Bass–Pritchard #1. Hierarchical clustering analysis subdivided the geochemical profiles into seven distinct chemofacies. The sample resolution for this chemofacies profile is 2 inches (5cm). As the text of this paper describes, this core only preserves the uppermost Woodford Shale. This is reflected in the abundance of the high detrital chemofacies which occurs most frequently at the top of Woodford Shale.


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