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The use of chemostratigraphy to refine ambiguous sequence stratigraphic correlations in marine mudrocks. An example from the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma, USA

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posted on 2016-03-02, 12:24 authored by B.W. Turner, J.A. Tréanton, R.M. Slatt
Online Supplemental Figure 1: The chemofacies profile for the Hunton Anticline Quarry–Outcrop B. Hierarchical clustering analysis subdivided the geochemical profiles into seven distinct chemofacies. The sample resolution for this chemofacies profile is 1 foot (30cm). The most notable trend in this profile is a shift from restricted bottom water conditions at the base to well circulated conditions towards the top of the section. This coincides with a shift from retrogradational stacking patterns associated with a regional transgression, to progradational stacking patterns associated with the onset a regional regression.