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Mass transport deposits in the Donegal Barra Fan and their association with British–Irish Ice Sheet dynamics

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posted on 14.01.2020, 18:02 by Srikumar Roy, Aggeliki Georgiopoulou, Sara Benetti, Fabio Sacchetti
Seismic cross-section showing buttressing of DBF-02 and -03 against DBF-01 (Fig. 7c); thrusts within DBF-01 (Fig. 7c), DBF-04 overlying DBF-03 and its termination (Fig. 7c), DBF-05 buttressing against DBF-01, -02 and -03 (Fig. 3). Refer to Fig. 5e for location.


Science Foundation Ireland, grant 13/RC/2092 and Irish Research Council, project no. GOIPD/2018/74 to SK