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Figure S4. Spatial and temporal influence of Pacific subduction on South China: Geochemical migration of Cretaceous mafic-intermediate rocks

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posted on 2020-04-15, 13:32 authored by Chengshi Gan, Yuejun Wang, Tiffany L. Barry, Yuzhi Zhang, Xin Qian
Fig. S4: (a) La–La/Yb, (b) MgO–Nb/La, (c) Nb/La– εNd(t) and (d) SiO2-εNd(t) for the Cretaceous mafic-intermediate igneous rocks in the southeastern SCB. DM is represented by Nd = 6.6 ppm, SiO2 =45.0% and εNd(t) = +6.3, and its derived melt by Nd = 45.3 ppm, Nb = 85.0 ppm, La = 53.0 ppm, SiO2 =47.0% and εNd(t) = +6.3 (Wang et al. 2003, 2008; Meng et al. 2012; Qi et al. 2016); SCB crustal rock by Nd = 31.1 ppm, Nb = 18.0 ppm, La = 61.0 ppm, SiO2 =70.0 wt% and εNd(t) = -14.3 (Zhao et al. 2012). Geochemical data of the Cretaceous mafic-intermediate igneous rocks are listed in Table S1 and S2.