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Figure DR3. Weathering history and landscape evolution of Western Ghats (India) from 40Ar/39 Ar dating of supergene K–Mn oxides

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posted on 2019-11-06, 12:39 authored by A. Jean, A. Beauvais, D. Chardon, N. Arnaud, M. Jayananda, P.E. Mathe
Field characteristics and petrographic structures of samples collected in Mn ore deposits from the eastern morphogeological strip. (a) Illva Mn ore deposit with samples collected in the lower benches of the open pit; (b) ILV2; (c) ILV-3 collected from the upper bench of allochthonous origin; (d) this sample is a massive Mn-rich Fe duricrust; (e) Open pit of Pradhani Mn ore deposit with samples collected; (f) massive Mn ore of PRA-1 sample.