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Fig. S3. Permian–Triassic felsic tuffs in South Island, New Zealand: significance for oceanic and active continental margin subduction

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posted on 2019-02-20, 12:13 authored by Alastair H.F. Robertson, Romesh Palamakumbura, Hamish Campbell
Field photograph of newly-cut pristine outcrop of the Garden Formation of the Richmond Group (Murihiku Terrane) that was sampled from behind a water tank along Eyles Road, off the end of Champion Road. No age-diagnostic fossils are described, but the age is almost certainly late Otamitan. Sparse fossils exposed in the cutting shown and along Eyles Road have not been collected (M.R. Johnston pers. comm. 2017). The outcrop shown is effectively thickened related to high-angle faulting. At the time of sample collection, the soft outcrop was degraded, concealing the evidence of faulting.


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