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Fig. S1: Oceanward rift migration during formation of Santos–Benguela ultra-wide rifted margin

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posted on 2022-02-01, 09:37 authored by Mario Neto Araujo, Marta Perez-Gussinye, Iskander Mushaldev
Projected Lapa, Tupi and Jupiter wells, which discovered the Brazilian Pre-salt. The oil fields use the name name of the well location. The wells are located on top of the most important structural high of Santos Basin (Santos External High). Location in Figures 1 and 3. Note that each well is located on top of an uplifted hinge, and that Jupiter Well is located in the last rotated block controlling Early Barremian synrift sediments. Every well show the lithological log used for correlation across the basin. Well description and correlation are shown in Figures S2 to S5.