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Fig. S1. Geological development and regional significance of an oceanic magmatic arc and its sedimentary cover: Permian Brook Street Terrane, South Island, New Zealand

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posted on 2019-02-07, 16:04 authored by Alastair H.F. Robertson, Romesh Palamakumbura
Major element oxide crossplots of volcaniclastic sandstones from the Brook Street Terrane.(a) CaO v. SiO2 plot showing general inverse correlation; (b) MgO v. SiO2 showing a general inverse correlation; (c) Fe2O3 v. MgO showing a general positive correlation; (d) MnO v. MgO again showing a general positive correlation; (e) CaO v. MgO showing general positive correlation for Takitiumu Mountain and some Nelson area samples, but with some exceptions from the Nelson area; (f) K2O v. MgO showing a general inverse correlation.