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Fig. A2. Mechanical constraints on kink band and thrust development in the Appalachian Plateau, USA

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posted on 2017-06-26, 14:45 authored by Paul Gillespie, Günther Kampfer
(a) A solid domain Ω loaded with the force Q. Virtual velocity fields Û on the positive and the negative side of a discontinuity ΣU, where rupture occurs. The jump in velocity Ĵ is given by [[Û]]=Û+ – Û (Kampfer 2010). (b)The strength domain is plotted with velocity axes aligned with the stress axes, showing the traction vector and the velocity jump vector, which have a power of maximum resistance described by the support function, for each of the 5 domains, which are opening, dilatant shear, compacting shear and compaction, respectively. The clockwise domains, 1C, 2C etc. are plotted, whereas their anticlockwise counterparts, 1A, 2A etc. are not shown.